We believe that the world gets safer when first aid and WHS training businesses can thrive.

Australians deserve to live in a safe society, surrounded by people that are well trained and equipped to look out for them. Training businesses are core to that.

Our mission is to help those training businesses succeed.

We help our Partners grow their businesses. 
We help make those businesses easier to run, and more profitable.
We help our Partners deliver superior training experiences that they can be proud of.

Our story

We know what it’s like to be in your shoes – because we used to run a training business, too. In 2008, Skills Network’s CEO, Mark Robb, founded a training business that went on to train over 39,000 students a year.

Mark experienced first-hand the challenges of growing a training business, and was frustrated when the partner RTO competed against his business for the same students, and even train his refresher students.

That’s why Mark and the team created Skills Network, a new RTO that was all about supporting training businesses, without competing against them. Skills Network now boasts over 65 partners and 115 trainers, in a network that trains over thirty thousand students each year.

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