We’re behind the best businesses in first aid and WHS training. Businesses like yours.

Partner with us so you can train more customers, more profitably and without the stress.

We don’t compete. We partner.

Skills Network is the only RTO in Australia that delivers training exclusively through our partner network.
That means we’ll never compete with you for your customers, unlike some of the other major RTOs.

We help you grow your business

Over 3 million first aid certificates are issued each year. We want you to get your share.
Get new leads through our network

We get hundreds of enquiries every year from clients looking for trainers. Unlike other RTOs, who may quote for a job against you, we don’t compete with our Partner Network. When we get a client or lead, our network benefits.

Collaborate with our Partner Network

Team up with other training businesses to take on big training jobs that cross areas you don’t service. Win national contracts for your business, or help another trainer deliver their contract in your area.

Make extra income by selling equipment

Our wholesale partnerships let you sell first aid equipment like defibrillators and first aid kits. We handle all the logistics, you collect the profit margin.

Make your business easier to run and more profitable.

Industry leading training portal.

  • Issue certificates to students next business day or sooner.
  • Automated email communications to your students.
  • Manage all students and classes in one place.
  • Students self enroll, saving hundreds of hours of data entry.
  • Automated student feedback, delivering you praise and testimonials.
All tech support, done for you

Our team provides tech support to your students so you’re not spending time helping students reset passwords or access the online portal. Our team are also available to help you out if you need a hand.

Compliance, done for you

We spend hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on the compliance processes that allow you to deliver nationally recognised training. We’ve built an RTO so that you don’t have to.

We help you grow your business

Over 3 million first aid certificates are issued each year. We want you to get your share.
The best online/offline training experience for students
Our online training experience allows you to train remotely and run shorter face-to-face courses, all while making sure students learn everything they need to know. Available for selected courses.
Hundreds of ready-to-go training materials and resources.

We provide all the materials you need to start training, from slide decks, to assessments, to workbooks. All are compliant with national standards.

We put you at the heart of our community.

Join a Private Partner Network

Our online community of training businesses share ideas, collaborate on big projects and support each other through the grind of running a business. And if you need a day off, a substitute trainer can step in from the network so you never need to cancel on a client.

Dedicated Partner Manager

You’ll be supported right from Day 1 with a Dedicated Partner Manager.

Masterclasses and Professional Development Days

Our regular trainer-only sessions cover topics like marketing, generating referrals, and trainer PD.

Ready to partner and grow your training business?

Our friendly team of experts are ready to support you. Apply to become a partner today.